1º GOLDENcontro São Paulo

Aqui marcamos as datas de encontros oficiais Goldencontro e também encontros esporádicos. Entre e saiba quando será o próximo, ou simplesmente encontre alguem que estará em um parque próximo da sua casa nesse final de semana. Vamos nos entrosar e deixar nossos Goldens brincarem com seus "parentes".

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“Really? that's supposed to make me laugh? She says through a smile
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"You are taking advantage of the circumstances" said she.
I spoke up, but he pointed sharply at me. "NO! I don't want to hear you right now. I want her to tell me."
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I carried her to the shallow end of the pool and up the steps. I put her down on the lounge chair she had been in when I was watching her from the deck next door. I lay down in the chair that was next to hers.
"Why don't we just say a favor returned?" He stood up. He was going to do it! I sat up and practically stared a hole into him.
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With a hungry moan, Alison leaned down and pressed her face into Livie's pussy. Our baby sister moaned about my cock as she experienced her sister taking a first lick at her pussy. Alison, staring up at me over Livie's body, let out a wanton moan as she savored the flavor of our sister.
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I realized he had finished talking. "You mean you were looking at me when that happened?" I felt a warmth inside, a sense of pride that sort of made me tingle. "It was like that because of me?"
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When I came back in dad was sitting in the love seat facing the deck out back. Mom was going down on him and by the way he was grunting I was guessing he was cumming. His shorts were at his ankles and mom's lace panties were on the floor close by. The seat next to dad looked damp as did the back of mom's skirt. As they finished I could hear grunting from upstairs as well. Mom stood and turned to face me. She had cum on her blouse and skirt. She looked at me with a look of heat and desire, I had seen it often enough on Ryan to recognize it. I commented that it was good to see them getting into things this early. Dad agreed and mom said it was easy with such great stimulation. She suggested I go up and see if Ryan wanted anything in particular for breakfast since it sounded like he was awake and they needed a moment to catch their breath.
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"I need to check in at the Naval Base first, or the Shore Patrol will be hunting me down. I don’t think it will take long to process my paperwork. However, you can take my bag to your apartment, and I can meet up with you just before the dance.”
Poor Martin, he was in heaven and hell. After a couple of minutes, Jon got a condom out of his pocket and gave it to Bridie. She didn’t need telling what to do. When it was on Vicky and Bridie stood up and Jon told me to impale myself on Martin’s dick.
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She didn’t pull away.
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Now I admit I was nervous as hell my first few sessions, one where I had to teach a man about touching himself. It wasn't that his techniques were wrong, but more of him trying to count how many strokes it took before he would make himself ejaculate. But this caused a problem, because now he wasn't able to perform at all due to counting instead of just enjoying the moment. It's like trying to text and drive, your mind can only fully focus on one or the other, never consistently on just one.
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“Yeah I guess so” I replied and walk to give my mom a hug.
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I am loving the feeling of being the main act in a three part event. The main purpose of John’s visit was for me to have a second man for sex, something I expect every month or so.
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Brian began to slowly set-up his gentle rhythm and Mr Unknown began to match him stroke-for-stroke while asking me a few times if I was ok. All I could do was nod my head and press down harder on them both. It was happening again. My two lovers were increasing the speed of their strokes, my stomach waves were rolling up and down inside me, my vagina was pulsating and trying to suck Brian even further into me while I pushed as hard as I could onto Mr Unknown. This time I felt it, an absolute flood of warmth inside my stomach and another in my behind as first Brian and then his friend filled me to overflowing with their juices.
I was ready to go. I rolled on top of my mother into the good old fashioned missionary position. I thrust my hard cock into her silk lined furnace. Mum moaned slightly and wrapped her legs around me. She dug her fingernails into my back and dragged them upwards. This managed to turn me on even more. I thrusted harder and Mum moaned louder. I love the way Mum moans when she’s excited.
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With that she shut the door and started unzipping her tracksuit top,
Ellie signalled Julia to follow her into the kitchen as I stood like a limp dick at a lesbian party, I heard the conversation continue as they walked through to the kitchen, “Of course, my husbands erection could have been for you. I see that you're filling in very nicely.” I heard my wife say. “No, I was wearing a jacket, covered and hidden. It was all yours.”
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She was now on the sofa, with her head in my lap, looking up at me and smiling. She turned
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"I- no. I can see now that that won't happen. I want to stay with you. I want us again. I need you."
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“Angel,” he said softly. “I need to tell you something. This,” pointing to his red face, “is all a gimmick to get naive college girls into bed. They all know the story about my name. My name really is Stan Satanowski, which does mean Son of Satan, but my grandfather’s real name was Stanowski. The man at immigration added an ‘a’ to the name and that made it his legal name. Gramps figured it wasn’t worth the time and money to get it straightened out, so the family is stuck with Satanowski.”
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I stated talking again slowly as he was now parking my cheeks harder and touched my lips with his other hand and whispered for me to open. I opened my mouth and he pushed his index finger in and asked me to suck, which I did. I sucked on his finger until he removed it slowly and then slipped it behind me, between my cheeks and pushed against my sphincter. I tried to pull away out of instinct, but of course the desk was in front of me so that just got me another slap on my butt. He started pushing his finger in a bit and I just froze. The tip slipped in my hole and I just cried out: “No..! Not there please, ahh” he pushed it in further about half way in. It hurt and felt awful as he moved it in and out slowly and twisted it a bit to get it in further. Once it was all the way in me he spoke: -“Wow, after fingering your pussy, I didn’t think I would experience anything tighter, but I was obviously wrong. Your puckered little ass hole is so small that I’m almost afraid to push another finger in there.”
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happened. And she asked me if she had to be concerned about me and I told her 'no'"
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Avery's bed was now bumping the far wall rhythmically so I didn't need to press my ear to the wall anymore. I lay back on my bed and imagined his wonderfully hard cock deeply penetrating me as I thrust my fingers faster and faster into my pussy. Yes, yes, Averyit's so good!
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She walks over to me, leans in and gives me a kiss on the cheek along with a soft pat on the butt. My face instantly burns hot. “It won’t take me long, babe. Maybe after I get back we’ll do some decorating.”
Watching Mrs. Gregerson sunning was almost better than beating off to the porn vids, actually, each made the other better. Without the porn vids, he would never have thought of ramming his cock into her hot asshole, or rough fucking her mouth or having his cock between her big tits, her hands holding those big fleshy orbs together making a tit-cunt for his sliding prick then shooting his wad all over them. And when he watched the porn vids on the days Mrs. G sunned, he'd imagine the chicks in them to be Mrs. Gregerson, begging for it in her ass, or it would be her screaming, "Harder! Harder! Ron! Fuck me harder!"
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"Can I think about it?" she said after a lengthy silence. "All these years, I always had it pictured that it would just be the two of us. This is hard to wrap my head around. I'm not saying no, but I'd really like to make sure I give it fair thought."
“Yes, I’m… wet down there…” I just looked away as I answered, hating the words coming out of my mouth and even more hating that it was all true.
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I found Hamish to lack personality, observing he offered little attention or warmth towards Molly, whom was mingling like the good hostess, everyone was becoming even more mellow and chatty as the evening progressed.
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“Why Hawaii,” I encouraged.
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The three guys looked at each other, then Tim stepped up to me. “Grace, would you consider fulfilling a fantasy?”
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Something flickered across Alison's face. “Y-you like me like this, right?”
I looked into his eyes again. "No regrets," I said, "I've wanted this for over a year now."
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Traffic was unusually smooth as I headed north into Atlanta where my office was, arriving early giving me time to eat before starting work. I usually try to do both at the same time.
Kyle looked down and locked eyes with his mother. He was speechless, yesterday was such a crazy day and he was having a hard time keeping up with the twist and turns his life was taking.
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She leaned forward to lick the tip. I could feel my cock twitch at her touch. She moved her head past, licking her way down the shaft until she reached my balls. She glanced up at me, my cock resting across her beautiful face, her cheek skin felt soft as velvet. Without saying a word, and without breaking eye contact, she licked all the way back up my cock until she reached the head, allowing it to enter her mouth, and taking all 7+ inches down. At the base, she lingered, I could feel the pressure of her throat constricting around m cock. With a bit of maneuvering, she managed to fit my balls in her mouth as well. This is the point where she started to gag, but at no point did she let up. Her arms reached around my body, and I could feel her hands on my ass, pulling me forward, forcing her face further into my body.
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I felt a bit more liquid run down my legs and it was so hot. My legs shiver while riding out the orgasm. The whole time Kevin was pushing his ass hard against me in return, his hand pulling on himself to match my orgasm with the same ferocity. His hips quiver in my hands, and his toes lift up behind him rubbing along my thighs while his entire bodies muscles clinch during his blissful orgasm.
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